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In Cob We Trust

A Corny Tale of Thanksgiving Love

For FrostByte

F+F Stuffing, Digestion, Scat

Two lovers share a meal and a whole lot more.

A late gift to my dear friend FrostByte for Thanksgiving 2012.

Precious Cargo Or: What's a Meal Between Preds?

The Adventures of Elle, Part III

Initial Editing by Miss Kat

For Karbo

F/(F+) GTS (Macro/Micro) Vore, Soft Digestion

Elle and Crisis enjoy an afternoon together.

This third installment in Elle's ongoing adventures continues her encounter with the naga Crisis on Felarya. This story has taken longer to finish than probably any other I've done, and has seen significant rewrites over the years. I'm eternally thankful to my buddy Karbo for being a true friend and pointing out to me all the shortcomings of the original draft. If you like this story, you owe much of it to him.

I Swear I'll Never Again

For FrostByte

F Stuffing, Digestion, Scat

A woman has a bad holiday habit that she can't seem to break.

Every year I write something to my good friend FrostByte to celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. This was my gift to him for 2009.


Various Scenarios

Any poems that I've written on my favorite subjects..

The first poem was written for a contest, but in the future I might add more to this.


By El Portero & TinCanMan

F/M Same-Size Vore

An unexpected situation arises when a hot young coed decides to join in on the football team's drinking game.

I've always been a huge fan of TinCanMan's work, and approached him about working together. This story is the result of that collaboration.

The Morning After

Story Idea by FrostByte

F/(F+F) Furry Vore, Digestion, Scat

Two lovers have to make it through a tough situation that results from one of them having too much to drink.

When we first became fast friends, I asked FrostByte if he had any requests that he would like me to write. This was one of two story ideas that he sent me, and is my first furry vore story. It's dedicated with great love to one of the best friends anybody could ever ask for.

When Worlds Collide Or: Let's Get Something Good to Eat

The Adventures of Elle, Part II

Edited by Miss Kat

For Karbo

F/(M+F) GTS (Macro/Micro) Vore, Soft Digestion

Elle meets Crisis the naga as a grand experiment is occuring on the other side of the universe.

This second installment in Elle's ongoing story is again dedicated to my great friend Karbo, Crisis' creator. This work marks my first collaboration with an editor, which I think makes the story much tighter.

Deadly Innocence Or: You Can't Reason with the Law of the Jungle

The Adventures of Elle, Part I

For Karbo

F/(M+F) GTS (Macro/Micro) Vore, Soft Digestion

Three picnickers encounter a stranger from another world.

I wrote this story as part of a trade with Karbo. It is my first macro/micro vore story.

Renee's Revenge

F/F Stuffing, Vore, Digestion, Scat

A strange encounter forever changes the relationship of two best friends.

This story was started to try and touch as many of my personal fetishes as possible. It's still a work in progress, but it is being actively worked on.


Various Scenarios

The short jaunts and false starts of an author's imagination.

These are all small vignettes that I have written as a sort of writing exercise, or failed starts of new stories. In the future, some of them may become full-fledged stories, but for now they exist here merely for your mild enjoyment. I will add anything new I have to this page when it is written.

Digesting Deirdre

V-Files Report #01

Illustrated by brain3times3

F/F Vore

Agents investigate reports of a possible voraphile in a small town.

This story was a collaboration between brain3times3 and myself. I gave him a basic request for a drawing, and then based the story around his drawing.

Welcome to the V-Files

Welcome to the V-Files, a secret government agency where agents explore cases of vore.

High Fiber

By El Portero & brain3times3

F/F Vore

A girl with a strange habit has to deal with her sister.

This story is based on a detailed story outline brain3times3 sent me. I fleshed it out and wrote this final version.


Based on a drawing by brain3times3

F/F Vore

One girl has found a new way to deal with annoying babysitters.

Another story based on a picture by brain3times3.

A Little Room

Based on a drawing by brain3times3

F/(M+F) Vore

A brother and sister fall prey to their sister's appetite.

Another story based on a picture by brain3times3.

Fun in the Pool

Based on a story concept by brain3times3

F/F Vore

Innocent play leads to a babysitting tragedy.

This story is based on an old story concept by brain3times3.

The Dangers of Jumping on the Bed

Based on a drawing by brain3times3

F/F Vore

Two sisters learn a tragic lesson.

This story is based on an old concept drawing by brain3times3, that he has since gone back and redone.

Wrestling Move

Based on a drawing by brain3times3

F/F Vore

A wrestling fan unleashes her new finishing move on her sister.

Another story based on a picture by brain3times3.


Based on a drawing by brain3times3

F/F Vore

Nobody likes a snitch.

Another story based on a picture by brain3times3.


Based on a drawing by brain3times3

F/F Vore

Why you should never leave the kid home alone.

Another story based on a picture by brain3times3.

Sleepover Games

Based on a drawing by brain3times3

F/F Vore

A sleepover goes very wrong.

This story is based on a drawing by my good friend brain3times3. I was totally blown away by his art and how appealing it was, especially the drawing this story is based on. So as a thank you to him I wrote this story. I drastically changed my style to try and match his drawing style and I think I succeeded.

Stuffed Crust

Illustrated by Storpotaten

F/F Stuffing, Very Mild Vore

A pizza delivery girl's fantasy comes true when she makes her latest delivery.

I wrote this story for an artist I'm a big fan of, Storpotaten. He drew some pictures based on a scene from my Survivor story and I was so thrilled with the results that I wanted to write a full story for him to illustrate.

Survivor 3: The Female Digestive Tract

F/F Stuffing, Vore

Four women on a reality TV show compete for a prize while exploring new personal territory off-screen.

My very first story, which has been in the works for a long time. I started writing it in 2001, and as of yet it is still not done. I've started working on it again, after dividing it into chapters. Since I've been working on it for so long, the writing is kind of inconsistent, but I think it is still worth the read.

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